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FlowStop is designed and manufactured by Logos, Inc. specialists in the control and containment of storm drain contamination. Logos' in-depth knowledge, technical expertise and broad range of industry experience makes FlowStop the cutting-edge solution for meeting any containment and remediation challenge. No matter what the requirement -- or the environment -- FlowStop is the answer you need.


At Logos Inc. we take seriously the opportunity and responsibility of making a positive impact upon the environmental challenges facing our planet by striving toward product excellence for the benefit of our clients and fellow sojourners.


  • Serve with integrity
  • Appreciate our blessings
  • Value our clients 
  • Respect our environment


It is an honor and a privilege to be involved in an industry devoted to the care and maintenance of our miraculous Planet Earth.  We are committed to partnering with those who use our product in producing the best possible outcome for hazmat and/or routine maintenance purposes.  As temporary residents of Planet Earth, hopefully we all can strive to leave a cleaner, safer environment for future generations.

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